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“She is the BEST copyeditor I have ever had the privilege of working with. She loves language and words and her knowledge of grammar is unparalleled. Seriously. Take note.” 


—  L.M. Poplin, Author of
Fatechanger, Book One: Penny Lost


Editing Services

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I provide comprehensive editing services for short stories, novels, essays, and other works, both fiction and non-fiction. I also provide additional services in support of authors querying agents and/or submitting to publishing houses. I follow the Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition) for all projects.

  • Manuscript evaluation - a full reading of your manuscript to evaluate form, flow of ideas, cohesion, voice (style, consistency), logic (connection of ideas), character development, world building consistency (if applicable), and any flaws. Comes with an evaluation letter. Does not include editing but may come with a suggestion for further editing.

  • Developmental/line editing - a substantive, heavy edit that assesses your work line by line, paragraph by paragraph for the same things noted in manuscript evaluation, but with detailed edits and suggestions for changes. This includes things like grammar and structure, but most manuscripts change significantly after a developmental edit and would require a further copy edit on the next draft. This requires multiple passes.

  • Heavy copy editing - a more in-depth copy edit meant for manuscripts that have sound ideas but need more help with grammar, structure, word usage, and the like. This requires multiple passes.

  • Copy editing - a traditional edit that focuses on a moderate amount of grammar, structure, word usage, and the like. This requires multiple passes.

  • Proofreading - a light pass that looks for surface grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. 

  • Pitch perfecting - a writing and editing service through which we craft and hone an elevator pitch for your work, including a short pitch that fits in a single tweet and a longer pitch that works in cover letters.

  • Query letters - a writing and editing service through which we craft and hone a full query letter for your manuscript, including personalization for specific agents and/or publishing houses. 

Which service should you choose?

If you'd like to hire me for editorial work, I will ask that you send me a sample of your project. I'll evaluate the pages, provide a sample edit, and suggest a service for you. I may reject projects if the level of service requested does not match with the manuscript's current quality level; for example, if a client requests a proofread but the manuscript is very clearly in need of heavy copy editing or even developmental editing. 

The Comprehensive Manuscript Editing Process

If you would like to hire me for the full book development process, I would recommend the following approach:

  • Schedule my time in advance so that I can block out the appropriate dates.

  • After you've completed the first or second draft, submit to me for a first developmental edit. I will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and list of larger changes that can improve your manuscript (along with suggested edits made directly to the work itself).

  • After incorporating the suggestions from the developmental edit and getting your manuscript to more of a "final" state, submit to me for a copy edit. I will edit the work directly and provide you with comprehensive explanations of my suggestions.

  • Finally, after incorporating the suggestions from the copy edit and just before submitting to the publisher, submit to me for a much lighter proofread to catch any lingering errors. I will edit the work directly. I will not provide a list of suggestions; this will be a high-level pass. 

The comprehensive manuscript editing process requires a great investment of both time and money. In light of this, I offer a discounted package deal to any client who selects the full process.