About Adrienne

Adrienne Marie Barrios is author of the prose poetry collection Too Much Tongue (Autofocus, 2022), written collaboratively with the poet Leigh Chadwick, and her debut poetry collection We Don't Know That This Is Temporary (Redacted Books, 2023). She serves as editor-in-chief of Reservoir Road Literary Review and CLOVES Literary and has been a guest editor for trampset. Her own work (short stories, lyrical essays, prose poetry, and poetry) has been published in over 25 literary magazines. She manages a content production team by day and edits novels and short stories by night. She is autistic and has ADHD, and she struggles with various chronic conditions, all of which color her writing. 

Adrienne holds a BA in Creative Writing from Seattle Pacific University with a minor in Professional Business Writing, a graduate Certificate in Editing from University of Washington, and a Cloud Practitioner certificate from Amazon Web Services. She also studied Instructional Technology Design at the graduate level at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. 

Her work spans industries, genres, categories, and mediums. In editing, she is a student of grammar and style and aligns herself to the work at hand and whatever style guide governs that work. In her creative writing, she gravitates toward literary form and style, though she believes that truly great work can break genre lines and expectations and transcend the demarcations that are, arguably, too strictly imposed or even unrealistic. 

For more about her individual works, please visit her published works pages. You'll find separate pages for categories of her work: writing bylines, books, awards and contests, and journal editing. You'll find her editing bylines page within the editing services section of the website. 


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