About Adrienne

I hold a BA in Creative Writing with extensive grammar studies and have studied Instructional Design at the graduate level. I've done other things, but writing and editing always pull me back, and I've decided to let them win. 


In all things, I am a student of the language, and I try to bridge the gap between what is considered "correct" (as deemed so by the authorities, namely the Chicago Manual of Style) and what reflects the times and popular use—and, of course, what is most appropriate for the work, voice, and style at hand. This is evident in both my writing and my editing. 

My writing and editing both span industries, genres, categories, mediums. In editing, I am a student of grammar and style and align myself to the work at hand and whatever style guide governs that work. In my creative writing, I gravitate toward literary form and style, though I do believe that truly great work can break genre lines and expectations and transcend our demarcations that are, arguably, too strictly imposed or even unrealistic. 

For more specifics about my individual works, please visit the Writing page and the Edited Works page. For more details about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile by clicking on the icon below.

Photo by Casey Cosley