Writing Bylines

Photo by Casey Cosley

Published short works



  • "Affection," Stanchion Zine (forthcoming, 2022)

  • "Wasting," Native Skin (forthcoming, 2022)

  • "Vengeance," MEGABYTES zineFinal Girl (forthcoming, 2022)

  • "If Purgatory Is Real then Who Knows" and "Helen Would Rather Not," Bullshit Lit Anthology (forthcoming, 2022)

  • "Daughter," Bending Genres (2022)

  • "Jewel and Jewel," JMWW (2022)

  • "Adrienne Barrios and Leigh Chadwick Decide to Write a Poem About Domesticity," South Florida Poetry Journal (2022)

  • Two prose poems in collaboration with Leigh Chadwick, Five SouthThe Weekly (2022)

  • "Three Years," Scrawl Place (2022)

  • "If I Was Watching You, What Were You Watching?" Rejection Letters (2022)

  • "Such a Small Thing" and "It's a Kind and Chivalrous Graveyard," The Leigh Chadwick Review (2022)

  • "The Best Sex Is Always the Night Before Clean Sheet Day," The Bear Creek Gazette (2022)

  • "Within Easy Reach of the Rocky Mountains," The Bureau Dispatch (2022)

  • “Nothing* could be worse than dripping taco sauce+ on her brand-new†wool‡ sweater¤," (mac)ro(mic) (2022)

  • "The Gravity of Sadness," No Contact Mag (2022)

  • "Scenes from a Marriage," Identity Theory (2022)

  • Two prose poems in collaboration with Leigh Chadwick, trampset (January 2022)

    • ​“Sometimes, I Think I Can See Right Through Myself”

    • “What If We Have a Poem Called ‘Love Song’ and It Just Goes”

  • "Distance," superfroot magazine (January 2022)