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Before you read anything else, please remember that all rates are negotiable! Don't ever let a budget dissuade you from seeking an editor. Let's figure something out together. 

For more about what each service includes and which one you should consider, please visit my Editing Services page. 


I base my rates, roughly, on the standard rates outlined by the Editorial Freelance Association. (Please note: Standard industry rates and those quoted through the EFA increased in April of 2020. I have increased my rates to reflect this industry increase, my expanding bylines, and my additional credentials.) Flat rates are always negotiable. The rate of pages per hour is subject to change based on the state of the manuscript. All changes will be disclosed in advance of starting a project. 

Please know that the ranges are to facilitate discussion. The actual cost of the services will be decided through our discussions.

Current editing service rates
  • Manuscript evaluation - $30 per hour.

  • Developmental editing - $45 to $60 per hour; 4 to 6 pages per hour. This requires at least two passes.

  • Line editing - $45 to $50 per hour; 4 to 6 pages per hour. This requires two to three passes.

  • Copy editing - $35 to $40 per hour; 7 to 10 pages per hour. This requires two to three passes.

  • Proofreading - $30 to $35 per hour; 10 to 15 pages per hour. This may require two passes.

  • Pitch perfecting - $50 flat fee; includes one tweet-length pitch and one longer pitch.

  • Query letter - $75 base cost; $15 for each additional personalization. 

**Please note that, per the standard within the publishing industry, a "page" is firmly defined as 250 words (standard serif font, 12 pt., double-spaced). All rates/paces will be calculated using this standard.